About Us


In 1980 Douglas and Lucille Ence decided to open their own business in Duck Creek Village. Doug who worked at the iron mines in Cedar City for several years was told the mine was shutting down, so both decided that this was the time to start the business they wanted for so long. So Loose Wheels Service began. The unique name came from Lucille's citizen band radio handle. When they told their friends their plans the reply was "People will never go up there, you're out of your minds" Doug and Lucille tried several things to make a successful business. Along with selling gas they also tried a beauty parlor, laundry mat, tool rentals and snowmobile storage. In 1989 Doug and Lucille decided to start Majestic Mountain Tours and that's when their son Rodney moved from Salt Lake City with his family to help run Loose Wheels. In 1990 Loose Wheels Service became a franchised Polaris dealer and the rest is history, it's one of the longest running businesses in Duck Creek. We've seen several beautiful summers and winters. Mountain slides, too much snow and forest fires have made it tough sometimes. But the one thing that has kept Loose Wheels Service running is our staff through the years and so many wonderful people.