Out with the Old, In with the New
Now that you have decided to get your new Polaris ATC or UTV you might be wondering about paying for it. There are many options to choose from and Loose Wheels Polaris Financing department is there to help you along the way.
Before you decide, check out the current specials and Financing deals that are available through Loose Wheels Polaris Finance department. You can always count on us to get you the very best deal possible.

Specials and Deals

Paying Cash or Financing
Some customers like to save up and pay cash for their major purchases while others prefer to finance and hold onto their cash. Whichever way works best for you is what we at Loose Wheels Polaris Finance want for you.
Maybe Financing your purchase will free up some of your cash for other items you may need for more summer fun. Loose Wheels Polaris Finance department works with major finance companies and we are always looking to get our customers the best deals available.
Everyone's financial situation is different and your rates and terms will depend on your down payment and your credit scores. Loose Wheels Polaris Finance department will work hard to get you the Financing that works best for you.

Payment Calculator
You can get an idea of what your payments would be like by using this loan calculator provided by one of our financial partners:

Loose Wheels Polaris Financing is there for you to answer all your questions. Please stop by or call today. We are open 7 days a week, 9am to 6pm. All your personal information is always kept private and will not be shared without your knowledge and only when you allow us to share it on your behalf.

Loan Application
Here at Loose Wheels Polaris Financing department, we want this process to be as easy as possible for our customers. Below you will see a link to our loan application form. You can fill this out in the comfort of your own home and submit your application online. You will hear back from us as soon as your loan application is processed.